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Hanoi, Vietnam is very popular because its beautiful flower villages. Many former flower villages, such as Nhật Tân, Nghi Tàm, Ngọc Hà, Quảng Bá, Tứ Liên have been narrowed down to make room for urban areas, which has made many people who love Hanoi flowers disappointed. Flower villages are usually considered the traditional beauty of Hanoi. They are also a great place for sightseeing each weekend, especially in the spring, when Tet holiday comes. During your holiday in Hanoi, make it a point to step out of your Hanoi hotel to see these lovely villages right outside the city.

Hanoi Flower Festival 2012Among the former villages, Ngọc Hà village has disappeared almost completely, while Nhật Tân, Nghi Tàm, Quảng Bá, Tứ Liên has been shrunk too much. The flowers here are very little compared to the past. Villas have been replacing the gardens of Quảng Bá, Tứ Liên villages. Peach trees and blueberry trees are still growing but they are planted in the other side of the Red River alluvial.

However, about 10 new flower villages have appeared around Hanoi within a 30-kilometer radius, such as: Kim Chung, Vân Trì, Nam Hồng, Bắc Hồng, Uy Nỗ (Đông Anh district); Tây Tựu, Đại Mỗ, Minh Khai (Từ Liêm district); Đông Dư, Bắc Biên, Yên Viên (GiaLâm district).

1. Hanoi Flower Village - Tây Tựu Flower Village

Tây Tựu Flower Village

Tây Tựu is considered as the oldest flower village in the suburban area. The village was formed about 10 years ago. The most popular flowers in this area are rose, gerbera and lily.

The most highlighted are red, white, yellow, and other kinds of roses. The village usually sells its flowers at the local market or they are brought to the wholesale market in Quảng Bá. Flowers of Tây Tựu village are very cheap. If it’s not around the Tet holiday, each bunch of Gerbera is only from 7.000 VND to 8.000 VND (about $0.4); each bunch of rose (about 20 flowers) costs around 15.000 VNĐ to 20.000 VNĐ (about $1).

The village is located about 15 kilometers away from Hanoi center. On weekends, this village is very popular with visitors and tourists. Both sides of the road leading into the village are full of yellow and purple daisies.

Unlike other suburban villages, people here have a special bond with their own village. Many young people have chosen to stay and grow flowers, which has proven to be a successful business choice.

Besides flowers, the village also grows several kinds of winter vegetables.

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2.  Hanoi Flower Village - Mê Linh Flower Village.

Mê Linh Flower Village.

When Hanoi expanded, Mê Linh land became a part of the capital. This flower village was famous for quite a long time, concentrated in communes such as: Tráng Việt, Văn Khê, Mê Linh, Tiền Phong, Thanh Lâm.

 Mê Linh village has many kinds of flowers, like Daisy, Rose, Dahlia, Gladiolus, Carnation. Additionally, new kinds of roses have been planted in the village such as: French rose, Dutch rose, and China rose. This has created an abundance of flowers in the area.

From North Thăng Long – Nội Bài highway, the bus no.7 will take you straight to the village. You can also go by motorbike or take a taxi to get there. Spending a weekend at the village to feel the spring is very close.

3.  Hanoi Flower Village -Kim Chung Flower Village

Kim Chung Flower Village

Located in the north of the Red River, Kim Chung is a new flower village which is known about 2 to 3 years ago. It plants mainly Peony, and the remainings are blueberry, peach tree, ornamental plant and bonsai which mainly focus on supplying to the market during the Tet festival.

From the city center, you can go through the Chương Dương bridge, over Đuống bridge, straight on highway no.3 to Kim Chungcommune (Đông Anh district). Or you can take bus no.15 and 17 to Đông Anh district, then from the bus stop, you can take a “Xe ôm” to the village.

4. Hanoi Flower Village -  Nhật Tân, Tứ Liên Flower Villages

Nhật Tân flower village

Referring to Quảng Bá, Nhật Tân, Tứ Liên flower villages, many people in Hanoi cannot forget the rich traditional flower areas which are considered the first flower villages in the land of Kinh Kỳ. However, it is now very difficult to imagine their popularity.

These days, very little flowers are planted, mostly Chrysanthemum, Dahlia and Sunflower because of the rarity and the high price. Garderners only maintain Peach tree and blueberry on the other side of the Red River.

Therefore, if you want to visit these villages, the most recognizable way is from a small alley next to Quảng Bá flower market, turn right, and keep going into the village to see peach trees, blueberries of Nghi Tàm, Tứ Liên.

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