Central highlands` sound to echo in Hanoi

  • ngày 30/06/2017

Visitors to Viet Nam Nationalities Village for the Ethnic Culture and Tourism near the capital will next month experience activities featuring the traditional cultures and customs of the ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands.

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Ethnic minority in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam perform their traditional musical instruments. A variety of activities featuring traditional cultures and customs of the ethnic minorities in VN’s central highlands will be held in Viet Nam Nationalities Village for Culture and Tourism near the capital this July. 

With the theme The Echo of the Central Highlands, the series will include special arts performances on the weekends. 

Young E De artists from Dak Lak Province will introduce their hometown to audience via songs like Tinh Ca Tay Nguyen (The Love Song of the Central Highlands) or Nong Nan Tay Nguyen (Passionate Central Highlands). 

There will be also performances and exhibitions to introduce traditional musical instruments of the Central Highlands like gongs and t’rưng.

Particularly, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Vietnamese War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day, the management board of the village will hold a requiem to pay tributes to the national heroes who have sacrificed for the nation’s freedom and independence.

Daily activities the Viet Nam Village in July include introductions to national sovereignty over the seas and islands and a photo exhibition showcasing the beauty of the land, people, cuisines and cultures of the Central Highlands.

During children’s summer break, the village will also host many educational activities and courses like Bup Sen Hong (The Pink Lotus), which will be organised in the Khmer Pagoda in the village, aiming to offer space for the participants to exchange with each other while learning Buddha’s teachings about morality and humanity.

Another highlight of the Central Highlands-themed month in the village is the ceremony of floating water lanterns on celebrating the festival of paying tributes to parents. 


Source: VietNamNet

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