New cold spell to send temperature below 10C in northern Vietnam

  • ngày 27/12/2018

A strong cold air front is forecast to hit the northern region from December 27 and will send temperature below 10C, according to the National Centre for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting.

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The cold air is predicted to affect northeastern provinces from December 27 and every province in the northwestern, northern, and north-central region from December 28.

Northeastern provinces and Thanh Hoa province will turn cold on December 27 with the lowest temperatures of 17-20C, while the lowest temperature in the northern mountains will range between 15-18C.

Temperatures will drop further on December 28 with the lowest temperature to be 11-14C.

From December 29, the north and north-central region are forecast to be very cold with the lowest temperature between 8-11C, while temperatures in mountainous areas are expected to hover between 4-7C and even below 3C in high mountains.

The Northern mountainous region is likely to see snow and frosts from the night of December 28 – 31, while other northern and north-central provinces will have rains from December 29-30.

The cold weather is forecast to last until January 3-4, 2019.

Hanoi is forecast to turn cold from December 27 with the lowest temperature between 10-13C on December 29.

Source: Vietnamnet

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