Quang Liem to compete with former world chess champion Kasparov

  • ngày 07/07/2017

Vietnamese Grandmaster Le Quang Liem has been invited by Grand Chess Tour (GCT) to participate in the Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz tournament on August 14 - 19.

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Vietnamese Grandmaster Le Quang Liem 


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Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov

Saint Louis GCT attracts the participation of top chess players including Kikaru Nakamura (Elo rating of 2.796), Fabiano Caruana (Elo rating of 2.752), Levon Aronian (Elo rating of 2.797), Sergey Karjakin (Elo rating of 2.773), Viswanathan Anand (Elo rating of 2.789) and Ian Nepomniachtchi (Elo rating of 2.819). 

Organizers of 2017 GTC said they will grant four exceptional berths to Le Quang Liem (Elo 2.747), David Navara (Elo 2.737), Leinier Domiguez (Elo 2.796) and Garry Kasparov, former world champion.

This is the first time Quang Liem has been invited to attend a GCT tournament for the world’s top chess players. 

Quang Liem is scheduled to arrive in China to participate in the Hainan Danzhou Super Grandmaster Chess Tournament set for July 8-18.


Source: VietNamNet

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