The last Tet of the oldest pottery village in South Vietnam in pictures

  • ngày 01/03/2015

VietNamNet Bridge - Tan Van Pottery Village was founded nearly 300 years ago in the southern province of Dong Nai. The ancient village will be relocated to the Tan Hanh ceramic industrial zone later this year.

The village developed pottery making centuries ago using the clay that was naturally abundant in the area. However, the clay has become increasingly rare around Bien Hoa Town and pottery makers have begun to collect it in Nhon Trach District.

The village`s old masters continue to shape their work entirely by hand. The masters in Tan Van maintain the tradition of making pottery without moulds or rotating wheels. The skills are often passed from generation to generation.

The village still uses firewood to fuel their kilns, a practice that is believed to produce a pretty brown-red hue.

The recent provincial mandate will require pottery producers to use gas or electric kilns.

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Source: VietNamNet

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